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All That Glitters Is Not Gold...

Sep 20, 2011 05:00 EST
Especially in-game gold bought for real money! This is a friendly reminder to our players that buying gold for real money is not only against the EULA, but can put your account at risk for hacking or banning. Buying gold causes game imbalance, damages the economy, and contributes to the amount of spam in chat, tells, and mail. In extreme cases it's even been known to cause increased hair loss, global warming, and the extinction of at least 2 species of insects every day. Don't buy gold! 

Welcome to the Homepage of The Bywater Bandits!

        I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone of you guys and gals for making the launch of this kinship an amazing success!!!  I am so excited about what the future holds for our adventures.  We came to the Nimrodel  server in order to challenge ourselves by creating a kinship of hobbits to deal with the problems facing Middle Earth and I think we have been blessed with the hobbits that we have found...  I call it karma, some call it fate, some call it luck.  Either way its been a pleasure to get to know you all and I see this kinship making a great impact on the server as we continue our adventures.  

        Of course we are now ever vigilant because we never know when D.U.C.K.'s may rear their cute little heads.  With the sudden disappearances of many of our ranking officers, I believe a F.O.W.L. splinter group is probably involved.  Sad to say they may have gotten their webbed feet on Grumpygnome as he seems to have been hobbit-knapped, and he has lost the deed to his property in our kin compound in Grovedon... Also the strange disappearance of Charria and Bywaterbandit have left our kinship somewhat slightly "short" on officers.  We need good leaders with great attitudes to fill these positions.  People who are social and don't mind sharing their time with the kin.  As a sad afterthought there are now 2 vacant houses in the Shire, Grovedon neighborhood, a standard by Me and Jazz, and Charria's over by where Grumpygnome used to live.

        Special thanks also are due to our amazing and selfless group of crafters for displaying what it means to be a kinship.  Ruebe, Athar(MIA), Blooddiamond, Strawberrie, Grumpygnome (MIA), Charria(R.I.P.), your efforts in crafting weapons and armor, jewelry, and food for this kinship has gone above and beyond the call.  You guys and gals are the reason we do this!!  This is gaming at its finest and you all are the best crew I have met.  I knew we came here for a reason, now I know why.

        On a final note our kin is growing and it appears to be only another few months until we can get our own kinhouse!! Huzzah!  Also we are all leveling together and are all approaching the critical milestone in the game where we may begin skirmishing and running daily instances (GB/GA) together as a kinship.  This is by far a great aspect of the game and I look forward to fighting beside each and every one of you!!  As we travel through the Lone Lands to Evendim, Esteldin, and beyond I want to remind everyone that what makes our kin so great is our selflessness and willingness to help others...

        Here's to our success in the future and here's to you all for making it possible.

        Welcome to the Bywater Bandits!  And may our adventures be the stuff of legends!  Huzzah!!
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